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How To Root LG Volt LS740 On Kitkat 4.4

How To Root LG Volt LS740 On Kitkat 4.4?
Rooting your Android smartphone open doors for many possibilities. Many people like to root their Android smartphone because of the additional features they get after rooting their smartphone. LG has recently launched a new smartphone by the name of LG Volt and it runs on the latest Android operating system i.e. Android 4.4. If you have purchased this latest LG Android smartphone and if you want to root LG Volt LS740, you can read the guide below for finding out the rooting procedure of the smartphone. 

Before starting to root your LG Volt LS740, you need to make sure that your phone fits in certain requirements. Please make sure that all the things mentioned below are present in your phone before you start the rooting process.

The battery of your device should be more than 70%. If you are having less battery then charge your device before rooting, because when you are rooting it will consume a lot of battery. 
You need to download the USB drivers of your device, which you can download from here
Make sure that you have taken back up of all the contacts, messages of your phone because rooting will remove all the data which is present on your memory. 
Make sure that you have enabled USB Debugging. You can enable it by going to Settings>>Applications>>Developer Options>>USB debugging.

Once you fit all the requirements you need to download the rooting files, which you can download from below.

Download - Ext2Fsd
Download – SDK or ADB
Download – iRoot
Download – Rootchecker

These are the files which we will be needing during the rooting procedure. Once you are having all the files and you have fulfilled the basic requirements and you can start the rooting procedure.

Follow the steps below for rooting your LG Volt LS740. 

1. Take out the SD card from your phone and connect it with your computer using card reader tool and format it using the MiniTool Partition Wizard. Make sure that you format it into Ex2 mode.

2. Copy the file downloaded above in the SD card of your phone.

3. Now you have to install ADB.

4. Once you have installed ADB on your computer, you need to open the command prompt on your computer and enter some commands which we have mentioned below:-

adb device
adb shell
reboot recovery
5. Disconnect the device and insert the memory card in your device.

6. Now you have to install the file on your phone. You will see an option there apply update from SD card. Select that option and then browse the location where you have copied the file on your memory card using the power button of your phone.

7. Your device will reboot once the file has been installed and your LG Volt LS740 is now rooted and you are having the root access of your phone which gives you the options to install custom ROM.


If the above method doesn't work for your device, then you can try the following method.

1. Download “Towelroot apk” (do a google search and it should be by Geohot)
2. Tap the “Make it ra1n” button
3. Install busybox installer from the play store
4. Install busybox within the busybox installer.
5.Reboot device.
6. Install Supersu from the play store.
7. Run Supersu, it will update binaries
8.Reboot phone
9. Download Root Checker from the play store.
10. Open root checker and Voila, you LG Volt is rooted.

  If you are having any problems in rooting your device, please feel free to ask your doubts using the comments section below. Keep visiting. 

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  1. anybody know a way to unroot this device?

    1. Hi,

      You may go to through this link to unroot your device; I think, it will help you.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Are there any custom roms out for it yet? I'm awaiting my Volt in the mail and would like to know. I tend to enjoying trying out the different roms, when available.

    1. Hi Shaun Moler,

      I think, there are no roms out for LG Volt yet. Once it outs, we will update on subject here.

      Thanks for commenting and visiting.

  3. How can I restore the phone using stock recovery or cwm or twrp, using a nandroid backup?

    1. Hello Tierra,

      There is no tutorial out on your subject yet.


  4. Mine says this phone isn't currently supported. Please help

    1. Hi Bre Montero,

      Can you explain the problem, briefly?


  5. mine also says not supported after the new software update the v4 from v3 update seems to be a security patch making it impossible to root well for the time being ive searched and searched nothing yet

  6. I cant do either options can someone help me


  8. you mention copying the file "from above" to the SD card. But I downloaded all the files mentioned and CANNOT find any "" file. Did you mean to say "iRoot" instead and THAT is the file we copy to the SD card?

    1. Hi Peter Rondina,
      Yes, that is what I meant.
      Thanks for commenting.


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