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Complete Rooting Guide for Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

Root Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini
Android is the only open operating system out there, which is more customizable and versatile. By doing little work (rooting), you can get ultimate control over your Smartphone. Who doesn't love to make their Smartphone work according to their wish? 

Now let us see what all are the things that you gain through the process of rooting.

1. Tweak your CPU by clocking at even high speed.
2. Boost your Battery Life and storage.
3. Gaining root access will also let you automate everything on your Smartphone.
4. Install and run every incompatible apps.
5. Unlock and explore the hidden features within your device.
6. Block those annoying ads within any App.
7. Flash any custom ROM or Kernel.

There are even more countless features that you will be allowed to access once your Smartphone is rooted. Now let us get into the rooting guide of Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini.

Precautions: Before moving on to the process of rooting, you need to take care of few things. Firstly you should backup all your important data to your external storage or any other storage device. Backing up your data includes multimedia, sms, call logs, applications & games, settings etc. Next thing to note is the level of battery remaining, you need at least 70% of battery level in order to proceed this process. Finally make sure that the USB debugging mode has been enabled within your device. To enable it, go to Settings->Settings>>Applications->Development->USB Debugging. 

Note: This is a guide for rooting the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini 19190 and S4 Mini 19195. If your model is different from these two, kindly do not proceed this guide. 

Disclaimer: We are liable for any damaged caused to your device during this rooting process. Continue at your own risk. Also this process will lead to void your device's warranty.

Softwares needed for rooting:

1. Samsung Kies: You will need this software to connect your device with your computer through USB data cable. Download it from the Samsung's Official Website. (http://www.samsung.com/uk/support/usefulsoftware/KIES/JSP)

2. Odin Software: This software is required for installing various root packages onto your device. There are two such softwares for Galaxy S4 Mini according to their model numbers. Choose the right one that matches with your's model number from the below given links.

Odin for S4 Mini 19190: http://www.putlocker.com/file/B64F21150DECAF41
Odin for S4 Mini 19195: http://www.putlocker.com/file/1BADE281978D40B6

Now let us move on to the real part of this guide.
Step 1: Extract the downloaded Odin package and save to a suitable location within your computer.

Step 2: Now connect your device through USB cable with your computer.

Step 3: Open Samsung Kies application to get information about your device.

Step 4: Copy the rootkit file from the extracted folder (Which may look like this: GT-19190-RootKit-v2) to your Smartphone. Keep the zip file as it is and don't extract it. 

Step 5: Open Odin3 and run as administrator. Now disconnect your phone from your computer. 

Step 6: Turn off your device and reboot into recovery mode by pressing power key, volume down key and home key all at a time. 

Step 7: Select continue on your Smartphone and again connect it with your computer.

Step 8: After connecting your device, press PDA in Odin.

Step 9: Now find a recovery clockwork file from the extracted file and add it. Then your computer will start loading the files into your device. After sometimes your smartphone will vibrate which indicates that it has been reset.

Step 10: At this occasion you have to enter into CWMR by pressing home key and volume up key. In the screen when asked, select the zip file from your device's memory to start rooting process.

Step 11: Once completed, just go back to automatically restart your device. With this the rooting process has been completed. To ensure the same, just move into the applications, and find a new app 'Super Su'.

Congratulations! Your device is now rooted successfully. You can now go for flashing any compatible ROM or Kernel. 

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He is a 20-year old guy from Thirthahalli, Karnataka. He loves to write gagdet reviews, tips and tricks for android and rooting tutorials. He also loves to do programming.

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